Fermenting Veggies

The complete guide to making fermented foods at home

“With each module I get more and more excited. This is so much easier and way more fun than I thought. I am SO glad I purchased this class, because you are giving me solid fundamentals and the courage to step out and try these amazing things. Your recipes are over the moon. I had no idea you could customize these vegetables with the wonderfully creative additions you suggest. Can't wait to try pineapple in my sauerkraut. You make everything look so doable. You are an excellent teacher. You have streamlined this so that it is not overwhelming, but all the facts are rich. We are given the background and courage to be so good at this. Thank-you profusely”

- Brenda

“Excellent course! I wasn't sure how much you could teach me. Wow was I wrong, I am still referring to the amazing handouts and the topics covered. I highly recommend this course.”


"I wasn't sure I would have time to ferment things. However it is so easy and doesn't take much time to get the ingredients in the brine. I have made sauerkraut and Kimchi instead of just fermenting carrots and cauliflower. I am also more secure in knowing when my ferments are ready. This is so easy, fun and healthy I would definitely recommend it to people who want to improve their eating habits. I wish I knew about this method sooner."

- Marie

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I know how frustrating making fermented foods for the first time can be. When I started making fermented foods several years ago to improve my digestive issues and autoimmune disease, I found the recipes were lacking instructions and confusing.

When I tried making sauerkraut the first few times, I failed miserably and had tons of questions while attempting it.

I didn’t want people to go through the frustrating process I went through so I started Fermented Food Lab to provide detailed instructions using simple methods and to offer support to beginners.

I found that the majority of people are visual learners and have more success if they can see the process demonstrated.

I created this video course to make it even easier for you to begin making delicious, fermented foods at home.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Danielle Ramirez
Danielle Ramirez

Danielle Ramirez is an expert in fermentation and founder of FermentedFoodLab.com.

She has helped thousands of people make fermented foods using her simple methods and unique recipes.

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