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Welcome to the Free 21 Day Fermented Food Challenge!

I'm so excited you're here :)

The purpose of this free challenge is to introduce you to Fermented Foods and get you started with some basic methods.

When I started making fermented foods several years ago, I struggled with it.

I was afraid of making myself sick and I couldn’t tell if what I made was bad or good. So, I threw out several batches of fermented foods before I got the courage to try them.

It was counter-intuitive because I was raised not to leave food out on the counter for hours, let alone days at a time. So, I had to get past the “ick” factor of letting food rot on my counter and then eating it.

Over time, I figured it all out, but it was a frustrating process.

During this challenge I'll eliminate your fear around making fermented foods by explaining the process, giving you my best tips, and teaching you two basic methods to get you started making them in your home.

How the Free 21 Day Fermented Food Challenge works

All of the challenge content will be hosted here. I'll send weekly emails to remind you when new content is available. I'll also be sharing on the Challenge Facebook group page.

Participate in the community

A great way to make the most of the Fermented Food Challenge community is through the comment threads in each module and lesson.

This is a place to share your experiences, reply to fellow classmates and celebrate as you work your way through the course.

Facebook Group

There's a private Facebook group for challenge members only. If you enjoy facebook and want to connect further with other members, this is another way to do it.

Click here to request to join the Free 21 Day Fermented Food Challenge Facebook group.


  1. Challenge starts August 5th. That's when you'll be able to access the first week, "Intro to Fermentation".
  2. August 12 - Week 2: Basic Fermented Vegetables
  3. August 19 - Week 3: Basic Sauerkraut
  4. August 26 - Implementation/ Catch up week: I'm giving you this bonus week to catch up if you fell behind, answer questions and help troubleshoot issues that you may have before closing the challenge.
  5. August 31 - Challenge Closes: Last day to access the challenge