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  Lesson 1: Introduction

The number one challenge that most people face when starting their fermented food journey is the fear of making themselves and their family sick. 

I had the same fear too, because like you, I was raised NOT to leave food sitting on the counter.  

The very idea of fermenting food was both counter-intuitive and intimidating to me. But I couldn’t ignore the benefits of adding these healing foods to my life, so I got over my fear and dove right in.

Over the last 5 years or so I’ve changed my diet to focus on nutrient rich foods, heavy in vegetables and reduced foods that caused me problems (dairy, bread, alcohol).

But, I saw the most significant changes in my health when I started eating fermented foods daily. Adding these foods to my diet has improved my energy, my skin, moods and autoimmune disease (psoriasis).

I encourage you to get over your fear, whichever it might be, and begin this journey with me. Because… fermentation is safe… and the benefits are too great to ignore.

This week I will ease your fears around fermenting by explaining what happens when you ferment foods, the common misconceptions people have about fermenting that prevents them from starting and I'll go over the basic supplies you'll need for this challenge.

To Do This Week